“The world is a better place because of people like you. In the past few months, it has made such a difference in my life and I truly value how helpful and caring you have been. I will forever appreciate this. Thank you so much for how much you have helped me over the past few months.”

Female, Edinburgh

“I was very apprehensive about seeking help with a therapist after spending most of my adult life trying to keep pushing down some unresolved childhood issues that invariably would pop back up into my life in unexpected and unmanageable ways.

I spent some time on Google looking at local therapists websites and their client testimonials. I’m pleased to say that I made a very good choice contacting Maria.

On our first meeting she took the time to explain how she worked and listened to me to assess what my needs were and it was very much left to me to have a think and see if I wanted to proceed with sessions.

During the sessions Maria was very calm, reassuring and empathetic. She has a warm and friendly personality, and is very attuned to your emotional state. I found it very easy to open up to her and felt very comfortable from the start.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Maria to anyone looking for counselling.”

Male, Edinburgh

“Maria has a wonderful and calm demeanour. Her greatest attribute is her non-judgemental attitude and openness to discuss any and every thing.  She helped us to understand each other’s points of views without vilifying anyone.  After several months of counselling, she ended our sessions without dragging them out and has been completely supportive. Even through some strong downs. She helped us to turn things around and take a positive outlook. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some help.”

Couple, Edinburgh

“I could not have got through my difficulties without Maria’s help and caring attitude. I really felt accepted, supported and understood which has given me the confidence to face my fears.”

Female, Edinburgh

“Amo viaggiare. Penso sia il modo migliore per esplorare il mondo e scoprire nuove culture e luoghi, ma questa volta il mondo inesplorato ero Io, e risultava estremamente complicato capire dove fossi e chi volessi essere. Ero bloccato, e molto stanco. Maria mi ha illuminato la strada, per sbarazzarmi dall’ansia e focalizzare la mia vita su ciò che realmente conta: Vivere sereni e felici. Lei non poteva darmi una soluzione universale per tutto, ma giorno dopo giorno mi ha motivato per affrontare le mie sensazioni, e grazie a questo ho cambiato atteggiamento verso i problemi ed ho imparato un modo differente ed importante per gestire la mia vita. Grazie.”

Male, Edinburgh

“For me it found the blockage in the relationship and then found the solution to get beyond that, without that help, the blockage would still be there”

Couple, Edinburgh

“I felt comfortable talking to Maria from the outset. I never felt judged, pressured or uneasy in sharing my thoughts and feelings with her. At times talking about myself was not easy, however, deep down I knew that my resistance was coming from me and not because of her. Thanks for all your help.”

Female, Musselburgh

“I thought I was able to cope with whatever life could throw at me. I was made redundant after many years working in a job I loved immensely. On top of this I experienced a number of family challenges which hit me badly until I began to feel depressed. I had never been in counselling before and so when I started counselling I felt nervous and anxious.  Maria understood my mental state and took her time to explain what counselling was, encouraged me to ask questions as well as giving me the opportunity to talk about my difficulties at my own pace.  I felt more relaxed as the sessions went along and towards the end I felt pleased that I had found the courage to take that first step. I chose to carry on working with Maria instead of taking anti-depressant tablets as my GP had suggested. During my four months working with Maria I realised that my depression was due to a number of losses and changes in my life. Thanks to Maria’s support and understanding, I began to allow myself to get in touch with the pain and suffering which my losses caused me. Counselling helped me to recover from my depression by me eventually accepting the changes in my life occurred due to sudden, unexpected and unwanted losses.”

Male, Musselburgh

“Maria was highly recommended to me and I admit that I highly recommend her as well. Although my time with her was relatively short, due to moving from Edinburgh, it was highly affective in my daily life and the way I perceive the past.

Her methods are empathetic, receptive and caring whilst simultaneously achieving a level of competence and control that made me feel safe and secure to open up and explore my past trauma. Maria is the type of therapist that will not push you, but only encourage you at your current level of willingness to dig deep and face the challenges in your present or past.

I had tried therapy once more prior to my experience to Maria and I felt hopeless because I had not connected with the therapist, but Maria has changed that experience for me. I hope my next therapist when I move cities will be as great as her!”

Female, Edinburgh

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