Phone & Skype Counselling

Phone or Skype counselling is a service in which I work with individuals on a one to one basis and we communicate remotely using the phone or an online service Skype. Although I won’t be seated in the same room as you it is possible to work together and establish a successful counselling relationship.

Who is Phone or Skype counselling suitable for?

  • people living in a remote area
  • busy people who have limited time
  • new parents looking after children
  • newcomers to counselling who may want to try counselling remotely before a face to face meeting
  • teenagers who have more difficulty travelling

How does phone and Skype counselling work?

1. Book an appointment

a) call me on 07765 660545 and we can arrange a time to book a session, or
b) send an email to or use the contact form with contact details about yourself, any questions you may have and a selection of times (date & time) when your are available for your first session.

2. Session Booked

Once I receive your communication, a convenient date and time will be agreed between us and I will send you a confirmation.

3. Payment

It is important to make payments well in advance of the counselling sessions because obviously the payment needs to be made before the session. Payments will be taken through bank transfer.

4. Phone and Skype Sessions

a) For phone counselling, call me on 07765660545 at the agreed time and date.
b) For Skype counselling, you need to ensure you are logged on shortly before the start of your appointment. To start the session you need to click on the Call icon – and begin the session.

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